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Collegiate Landscaping was created in 2009 during my junior year at Glastonbury High School, due to the lack of local entry level jobs available for a 17 year old student. I began working general day labor - doing odd jobs and small independent landscaping projects I found on the Hartford area Craigslist. I acquired a love for working outside, creating elaborate landscapes with my own two hands and astonishing my customers. I quickly realized that it was much more efficient to work locally, in my home town of Glastonbury. Initially, I advertised my landscaping services by distributing small orange flyers (titled "Affordable Yard Work, Done Right!") to my neighbors, and eventually to thousands of newspaper boxes throughout Glastonbury; you might have received one years ago 😜. 

The business developed on a foundation of efficient, affordable, locally based landscaping. As the demand for my services continued to increase, I sought the help of a few close friends from GHS who were eager to work with me during the summer months, landscaping in Glastonbury, and keep the business growing. Now college graduates, the friends who had helped me build Collegiate Landscaping have found careers of their own. Collegiate Landscaping is now operated by experienced landscape professionals, local to the Glastonbury area. During the busy spring and summer seasons, we like to employee at least one or two GHS students, to provide job opportunities for young individuals in our community.

Since our formation, Collegiate Landscaping has expanded greatly throughout the Glastonbury area by word of mouth, due to our reputation for exceptional customer service, quality work, and affordability. We strive for the utmost satisfaction of our customers while paying careful attention to detail and safety.

With an emphasis on local vendors, high quality garden products and equipment, and innovative landscape solutions, we provide our customers with an assortment of high quality and highly effective products and services. We offer a number of green services for our environmentally minded customers, and follow an efficient locally based business model (over 80% of our materials and tools are purchased from local vendors in Glastonbury). If you are interested in our services or would like to learn more, please browse the other pages to view our Services, Gallery, Testimonials, and Contact information. 

With nearly a decade of experience in commercial and residential property maintenance, commercial snow removal in Glastonbury, landscaping in Glastonbury, and landscape design, we have the solution to your outdoor needs. 

We look forward to speaking with you about your next landscape project.


Ben Abrahams, Founder

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Professional landscaping and snow removal serving Glastonbury, South Glastonbury, Manchester, East Hartford, CT.